Marketing through SMS

<p>If you haven&rsquo;t started looking for ways to add SMS message marketing to your marketing mix, now is the time. Although smartphone apps are crazy these days but overall smartphone usage is around 65% in the world. This means that there may still be a lot of customers that don&rsquo;t have smartphones. One of the great things about sms is that nearly 100% of all devices on the market are sms enabled. Some of the top brands invest heavily in sms today to communicate with customers because over 90% of sms messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. With text message marketing, your customer won't forget a coupon at home because it will be on their phone that they always carry with them. SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is becoming increasingly popular for all types of businesses. SMS is only a delivery channel like post, email, phone call, personal visit, radio, TV, etc. Any channel is only good if it delivers your marketing message to a well-targeted and receptive customer at the cost below your net profit margin per customer (based on your customer's average life time value). The SMS channel is very profitable if used to bring value to an opted-in audience, taking into consideration buying patterns when designing your marketing offer. When it comes to sms marketing to your customers, you obviously want to have something of value to say within each message, but going months without connecting via SMS is likely going to cause a high unsubscribe rate with every send. Some of the most successful businesses leveraging SMS today, such as Starbucks, Target, Macy&rsquo;s, JC Penney, are sending at least one message a week to stay at the top of the minds of their customers.</p>