Virginia Mayor visits the television studios where two journalists were recently killed

The killing of two on-air journalists in Roanoke, United States of America caused a worldwide uproar. There have been condolences from all over the globe to the television station as well as the families and friends who were affected. According to the news on abc news live streaming is that Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia visited the television station where he had a private conversation with the staff offering condolences. After Adam Ward and Alison Parker were killed, the shopping plaza where the studios are located was closed but will be reopening.

During his visit, the governor who also owns a gun said that there are too many guns in the United States considering that there are shootings almost every day. During his visit on Friday, the governor who the station general manager said that he would be asking him several questions said that he wanted to help on better background checks. He added that he had a talk with Alison Parker’s dad who wants gun ownership to be reviewed.

The attacker identified as Vester Lee Flanagan II or Bryce Williams is said to have shot himself hours when he was confronted by the police after the shooting at the Bridgewater Plaza that is located on Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta. According to abc news free stream Jeffrey Marks who is the manager of the station said that he wanted to ask the governor some questions especially on mental health issues. The attacker will not be around to talk about his motive.